Tata Ultra Cheap Car for $2,500

Is it possible, can a car be so lean, so mean, so…so really plain that it can sell itself for less than $3,000? No doubt, when released the Tata car will be the lowest priced new vehicle in the world. Low priced goods may be the staple for India, but this is a new low that could possibly shake up the entire auto industry.

The uber low cost Tata is possible because the developer, Tata Group, decided that creating automobiles needed to be rethought. That is to say, more is not always better and options are not ‘always’ needed. Evidenced in the Tata car, the first one rolling off the assembly line will have no power windows, power steering, radio , and less one windshield wiper.

The biggest problem I have with the cheapy cheap car is safety. After all, how safe could a little vehicle be that sports less metal than a Britney Spears concert and twice as much glue?

Source Herald TribuneĀ 

2 thoughts on “Tata Ultra Cheap Car for $2,500

  1. Car Blog

    I think it’s brilliant that a company is so commited to giving us a cheap car, my concerns would be over safety and quality, surely these must of been cut to bring the costs down.


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