Multi-Car Insurance Cheers

Recently I came across an article that discussed the figures behind accidents and households that own multiple cars. According to the study a household with more than one car are 22% less likely to be in an accident. But why would multiple vehicles pose as a reducer in accidents? It’s hard to find cheap car insurance, so maybe having multiple cars will help with rising rates.

The study claims that multi-car households own more expensive vehicles, therefore are more cautious when they are driving. I’m not sure how much I personally believe this is the case, because I’ve been almost hit by a number of Lexus drivers who refuse to get off their cell phones. 😉 At any rate, it’s normal when buying online car insurance for multiple vehicles to get a discount. My problem is that I have too many vehicles, so I get a fleet discount.

What’s also interesting about the study, is that it discusses automobile enthusiasts and their impact on safer driving. This I can get my brain around as being believable, after all, if I care about the car I’m driving, I’m gonna be more careful. Nicer vehicles does not always translate into caring MORE. What’s so confusing about insurance, is that it varies so much from company to company and this study is bias, mainly because it was put out by the Admiral. I’d recommend getting car insurance quotes from multiple online sources, for your multiple vehicles. 😉

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  1. Car Blog

    I agree, I think the nicer the car you OWN the safer you are, I think that it is company car drivers and reps, people who don’t actually own the car that don’t seem to care as much. It also pays to let insurers know that you are a multi car family as they will often give bigger discounts if you insure more than 1 car with them.


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