Lexus LFA Super Car Spy Photos

I’m fairly certain I felt something move when I spotted the latest spy shots of the upcoming Lexus.  Fat Wallet Elites have had to keep their lips wet since the Detroit Auto Show 2005 when the machine was first debuted. It’s came a long way since it’s first prototype, maybe we will see a finished product soon.

Lexus LFA Spyphoto

Lexus LFA spyphoto

Lexus LFA Spy Photo

16 thoughts on “Lexus LFA Super Car Spy Photos

  1. deen, The Ville, Queensland, AUS

    omfg… thats a hot car… honestly, that car has now stolen my heart…. the only other car that i love more is still the saleen s7, but wow… just… WOW.

  2. Sam

    It’s the best looking car in years and that’s why I’ve ordered one( shame I couldn’t order two.)


    Great looking ride. Too bad this thing is going to be price tagged at $400,000 USD!!! That pretty much rules out 95% of the US population from ever owning one. Oh and to answer the horsepower question, it is said that the Lexus LFA will produce somewhere between 500 & 600hp!! This can be there new “Super Car” but I think they still need to bring back the Supra in a moderate price range (say maybe $60-$70,000) so that its not only the rich and famous that can buy one!!!

  4. roadranger

    It probably is an upgrade of the Supra. Toyota had a hard time selling enough Supras to make it a profit to do so. The middle aged male that could spend 40-45k on a sports car preferred to spend it somewhere else, even if only a Porsche Boxer. (statistically proven).

    So now they hide a Supra behind a Lexus logo and the hesitation to fork over the 40k is gone. Granted this is a much more beautiful car but it’s till a Toyota.


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