Suzuki Coming To Russia

Suzuki made announcements today that they would be building a plant in Russia. This is part of their plan to expand into emerging markets, according to their press agent. With a whopping 10,000 SUV’s by 2009 the plant should be fully operational soon.

The Grand Vitara will be built at the plant, as commented to be better suited to Russia’s cold climate. For now, the plant plans on receiving parts from Japan, but only assembled in Russia. Expect more on this to be announced more mainline soon from Suzuki.

One thought on “Suzuki Coming To Russia

  1. jeanG

    That’s a good move for Suzuki, maker of high-quality Suzuki oxygen sensor- -to have this idea of building a plant in Russia. More car enthusiast get more interested in Japanese cars.
    Perhaps, Suzuki’s Grand Vitara would also be supported by Russians.


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