SV1000 Comes To The UK

One of the first motorcycles I ever owned was an SV650-S. I never could make my mind up whether I liked the laid back rumbling motorcycles or the wound tight crotch rockets. For my size, the SV650-S was the perfect blend and much like the 650, the 1000 will now bring happiness to those in the UK.

Simple design wrapped around a powerful 996cc V-Twin motor makes this an affordable, yet unique motorcycle. You don’t have to worry about high pitched wines, only low hum’s create more torque than you would ever need. In addition, you won’t be losing fairings around every corner and laying on your belly at 60 is not necessary.

UK SV1000

Americans have long enjoyed this well rounded Suzuki motorcycle and now our friends across the sea will be able to enjoy the same. Took a little while to get there, but I’m sure it’s worth the wait, you can pick up your own for around £5,650.

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