Mustang Scent?

Mustang FragranceI’m not exactly sure what the new cologne from Estee Lauder smells like, but I’m betting it’s nothing like my 92 LX. That is unless it wreaks of high octane racing fuel, then sign me up for a skid of the stuff. 😉

Ford to introduce Mustang, a new men’s scent that embodies the spirit of today’s man: strong, confident and driven

I just find this so hard to believe, but hey, if it’s marketable sell the stuff.

“Today’s man has a presence that is strong and confident with an innate masculinity that does not go unnoticed. He’s a guys’ guy, yet is both modern and authentic,” says Trudi Loren, Vice President, Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide for The Estee Lauder Companies. “Mustang captures these qualities by infusing a blend of warm ingredients into a dynamic signature scent.”

He’s talking about me! Unfortunately I won’t be able to purchase the new cologne until July of 07 and priced at $25 per 1.7oz bottle. As often as I wear cologne that fragrance could last me for years.

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