Soccer Mom’s On Saturn

Saturn Outlook XR MiniVanI love a good play on words, especially when they involve planets so close to Uranus.

Introducing the new Outlook XR from Saturn. A sort of minivan slash SUV mind trip that attempts to make being a minivan owner cool again. My generation has taken a step back from the minivan craze and decided that SUV’s are the way to go, apparently Saturn thinks otherwise.

$30,000 will buy you a real nice V8 SUV or a nicely equipped V6 XR. Able to seat 8 people and weighs in at around 4700, according to Modern Mom it has plenty of pick up. Watch out Dodge, there is a new hybrid in town.

3 thoughts on “Soccer Mom’s On Saturn

  1. Mike

    1-Good luck finding a SUV with a V8 for 30 grand. at least not current year. And with gas prices on the rise, would not
    want one.
    2- It’s not a minivan- You cannot remove the seats in the rear or center. It’s called a Cross over vehicle.
    3-It sure isn’t a Hybrid, that means gas/electric motor. That would be the VUE Greenline.

  2. David

    Well said Mike. 🙂

    1.) $30,000 toward buying a nice V8. I’m partial to a V8, hence the exaggeration. To take it a step further though, that’s a lot of weight for a v6 to haul around, I’d be concerned with it’s longevity. Time will tell. 😉

    2.) It reminds me of a minivan, therefore it’s a minivan to me.

    3.) I didn’t mean to use the word hybrid, that was a blub on the fly. doh!? I meant crossover.

    At any rate, thanks for commenting and feedback is always appreciated. I hate, I hate, I hate minivans or anything like them…so yeah, this post isn’t biased at all.

  3. Mike

    Actually,My wife has one. The XR AWD. 275 hp is actually pretty good. It can tow up to 4500lbs. And that is a lot for a unibody platform. And the 3.6 better hold up well, GM has a lot of vehicles using that engine.

    It’s only 1″ shorter than a Tahoe lengthwise, which tells you how big it is, just not as tall. But very roomy inside. This isn’t your grandmothers Saturn anymore. Very well equipped, and nicely put together. We are very happy with it so far, and I would definitely recommend it. The Saturn dealership experience is makes it even better.
    As to the minivan look- I agree with you 100%. My next door neighbor has a Toyota Sienna, which Toyota calls a CUV. now that looks like a minivan- YUCK!

    If you haven’t, go drive a Outlook, it will certainly impress you.


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