UnInsured Drivers Find A Way

We all know that not carrying insurance is illegal, however, many people do it on a daily basis. Some places more than others, as evidenced by Nevada, which is ranked 10th in the nation for uninsured motorists. Who pays the bill? It’s law abiding citizens with enough smarts that pay to play.

“The majority of the stops we make unfortunately people don’t have their insurance with them or they don’t have insurance period,” said North Las Vegas Traffic Officer Jim Byrne.

Last year Nevada police officers wrote close to 27,000 citations for insurance related incidents, but they still find their (uninsured motorists) way back to the roads. The problem comes from not having a system, nor man power, to enforce policy. When taken to court over not carrying insurance motorists are fined and then allowed to leave. What prevents these same motorists from making it back out on to the same roads we travel? Nothing.

The alternative is that the accused simply does not show up to court, which a warrant would be placed for their arrest. The reality is that those motorists will never be taken into jail, simply because law enforcement must prioritize. Currently, driving without insurance is not even close to the top of the list of things to do.

Looks like my Progressive rates are going up again next renewal. 🙁

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