ATV Age Law in Utah

A serious debate on the legal driving age of operators of ATV’s is undergoing scrutiny in Utah lately.

House Bill 237 would change the minimum age for riding all-terrain vehicles on public property. It’s certainly a subject that needs to be addressed.
    As the law stands now, kids as young as 8 can operate ATVs in Utah, and they’re paying the price with their bones, their flesh and their lives.

Should the decision to let minor’s operate vehicles lie within government or with the parents? Any all terrain vehicle can be dangerous and not every child is capable of operating, but who is responsible? I was riding my Honda Fourtrax at the ripe old age of 6, unharmed and better off. If nothing else I was taught responsibility, something I still recognize today.

8 thoughts on “ATV Age Law in Utah

  1. Michael Janulaitis

    Wow 8 years old is the youngest you can ride. That’s ridiculously old. My daughter is 3 and she can drive for miles in my private neighborhood without any problem. This summer she rode 3-4 days a week. I’ve turned the governor almost all the way down so she doesn’t get out of control. I ride in front and act as a blocker if another car or ATV comes down the road and I’ve taught her to stop and move to the side. It’s each parent’s responsibility to control their children, not the governments.

  2. admin

    Michale, I could not agree with you more. People govern from the heart sometimes more than their heads.

    I’m glad to hear your daughter has so much fun riding around with you and those will be memories she will remember her whole life.

  3. shawn heneghan

    I personally think the government ought to stay out of the way of ATV riders – so long as the ATV riders stay off of public lands.

    If you want to have 3 year olds riding around on private property – that is your concern. This law regards the age at which young men and women can operate ATVs on public lands.

    Also, I appreciate that you always accompany your 3 year old. I would be glad to see adult accompaniment as a requirement for anyone under 16 on public lands. That type of requirement would preclude the need for a strict age requirement.

    I can just imagine what the highways in Salt Lake City would look like if we let 5 year olds drive on them.

  4. Off Roader

    This is really a sticky issue to discuss. On one hand there is some precedent based on safety concerning children riding ATV’s. On the other hand, isn’t it the prerogative of the parents to determine if their child can ride or not?

  5. Steadmans

    i dont think its a sticky situation you should teach your kids how to ride safe and make them do it or not let them ride, we dont need a law about everything in this world

  6. Christopher

    I’m with you Steadmans, the government should stay as far away from raising our children as possible. It’s obvious they are already making an abomination of our public education system.

  7. jdavis

    I agree with most of these comments. This is not something that should be governed. Maybe to operate on the roads i can understand, but to operate an ATV. My son started riding at 4 and we took it slow for the first couple years so he could learn and develop his motor skills. The “dangerous” part about ATV’s is only when the rider is not well experienced how to operate the vehicle or riding over his/her head, not wearing protective gear, or when carrying passengers on a vehicle designed for 1 rider only. These are the most dangerous situations. Sure you can get yourself into a pickle climbing hills and so forth, but dont try to be a hero. There are usually 5 different ways to the top of every hill. I think ATVing is a great family involvement. – A&J Racing ATV Parts


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